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Is Another HDD Resurgence on the Horizon? | Proven Data Recovery

You’ve got to respect the endurance of the hard disk drive data storage device, first introduced by IBM in 1953 for commercial use before becoming the crucial technology for accommodating ever-expanding data stores accumulating on commercial and personal computer. Despite its imperfections (“click of death,c” anyone?) the HDD and its ability to quickly store and retrieve digital information using rapidly rotating disks (platters) has defined storage technology for more than 50 years.

Winter Storms Lead to Power Outages, Data Loss

From Toronto to North Florida, the winter of 2014 is turning out to be particularly rough, and the spike in winter storm-related power outages pose a heightened risk of data loss to unprotected computers. With no end in sight to the ice and snow blanketing most of the northeast, if you haven’t already taken measures to protect your home and business computers from power surges and outages, now is the time. Too many people assume that when power to their computer is cut, today’s sophisticated m

The Heartbleed Bug and Data Security

Over the past few days, you may have received an email from one or more popular websites—Yahoo, Google, AOL or others—advising you to change the passwords on your accounts. In fact yesterday I received an email warning from Pinterest to change the password on my own recently opened account due to a possible security breach caused by something called the Heartbleed bug. The newly discovered and already notorious Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures CVE-2014-0160 bug, otherwise known as the Heart

Data recovery, protection and backup with RAID 5 or RAID 10

If you’re serious about maintaining data access and protection, you should consider adding RAID backup to your computer system’s data backup and recovery system. Over a relatively short amount of time, RAID  storage devices have made their way into the mainstream of data protection arsenals in a world that lives and breathes by its data.  The redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) disks (RAID) was developed to provide a single, higher capacity, faster volume drive to replace slower, mo

RAID 5 data recovery saves 15 small business jobs after power surge

East Hartford has struggled with high unemployment rates for years, but thanks to a dedicated team of  data recovery experts, 15 jobs in East Hartford were saved after a weather-caused power surge threatened the loss of crucial stored data at the Popcorn Movie Posters Company located in East Hartford. Proven Data Recovery experts were called in to help salvage critical data when the professional printing company’s Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) device was unexpectedly harmed in the

First Attempt at Data Recovery Critical When a Hard Drive Crashes

If your hard drive crashes and your data disappears, your first instinct may be to try every data recovery procedure you can think of. Since the first data recovery attempt provides the best chance of successfully extracting your files from a damaged hard drive, it’s important to be familiar with the best practices for weighing your options before attempting any data recovery procedures on your own. If the lost data is not that important to you and you want to test your hard drive recovery skil

Latest data restoration and backup technologies for 2014

Your data is essential to keeping your business running. It is what drives the need for storage technology that provides agility, lowers your risk of data loss, and lowers the costs of risk mitigation. Heading into 2014, it’s important to know your system is safe from vital data loss; to protect your data effectively and economically, we’ve put together some guidelines on some of the most important  data storage and recovery technologies available, and a basic explanation of each for you to kno

Cold Weather Tips for Keeping Laptops, smartphones and iPads Safe from data recovery

Ever wonder what affect a polar vortex might have on your laptop if you leave it in the car overnight? Are you guilty of leaving your laptop in the car on a cold winter day, or turning your office heat off to lower utility bills on a long weekend? Leaving your tech devices in cold weather conditions can severely damage your laptop requiring data recovery and other electronic equipment, and permanently destroy data. The kind of extreme cold many states are experiencing this winter can reduce ba

All I Want for Christmas is the Right Data Recovery Plan

If you think about it, there’s no time like the holidays to help your customers simplify their data recovery and backup plans. The holiday season is perhaps the most hectic time of the year; from the shopping and gift wrapping, to meal planning and execution, to spending time with family and friends, few people have any spare resources to cope with an unexpected data loss event. In recent years, more organizations are evaluating their business continuity plans to make sure their critical data i

How Data Recovery is Changing With the Adoption of Solid-State Drives | Proven Data Recovery

More and more computers, tablets and smartphones are built today with solid-state drives (SSDs)  because they’re smaller, quieter, reliable, and faster than traditional storage drives. Unlike hard disk drives, solid-state storage devices have no moving parts, which creates a misleading impression that data is much safer on SSDs, but that’s not really the case. SSDs have a higher vulnerability to some defects that aren’t an issue with traditional hard drives, such as abrupt power loss with no fo

When it Comes to Data Recovery Partner Programs, One Size Does Not Fit All | Proven Data Recovery

Proven Data Recovery has been operating and steadily growing, and we’ve learned a lot about our clients over the years. Like anyone who is immersed in their work for a decade or more, not much can surprise us anymore. We’ve been called to intervene in thousands of data loss situations to help consultants and IT service providers retrieve data lost from storms, fire, flood, human error, vandalism —you name it, we’ve helped to undo the damage. I guess you can suffice it to say, we really do under

Hurricane Sandy destruction to IT infrastructure

One year ago today, Hurricane Sandy had just begun her destructive path up the east coast of the U.S.  In two more days, she will have slammed into the New York’s metro area, making a heart-sinking mess of the IT infrastructure in low-lying portions of New Jersey and New York, particularly southern Manhattan. For businesses and individuals who weren’t prepared for the massive data loss in the storm’s aftermath, the reality of the loss was devastating. Hurricane Sandy should be the go-to lesson

What to do when loosing important data?

If you have ever been the unfortunate victim of data loss, you probably know what a nerve-wrecking experience it is. Having your important files, photos and documents missing is among the worst things that can happen to you, especially if your routine work is highly dependent on the data. However, if faced with a data loss problem, it is important to keep a cool mind and not take any hasty data recovery measures. So, what exactly should you do when you lose important information stored digitally

Thermablok’s Aerogel Insulation: Based on NASA Technology, a Standard for Energy Efficiency in the Future, and Now! | NASA Aerogel Technology

It should be no surprise to hear that aerogel, as a home and building insulation material, will be a standard for energy savings in the not-too-distant future. Aerogel’s cutting-edge insulating capabilities – aerogel is an advanced material with 15 entries in the “Guinness Book of Records, thanks to its unique properties — is the world’s lowest density solid and best protector against thermal bridging. Aerogel is  popping up in a wide variety of products in addition to Thermablok aerogel insula

What is Thermal Bridging? Now You Know! | NASA Aerogel Technology

Thermal bridging is a common issue in all types of construction, and occurs at inefficient locations in a building’s insulating envelope. This decrease in heat resistance results in a higher heat exchange between interior and exterior — heat loss or infiltration, depending on the climate — and thus a decrease in energy efficiency.  A common thermal bridge in residential construction occurs at wall-to-ceiling and wall-to-floor intersections, where wood stud connections are insufficiently insulate

Can I Recover data from water or fire damaged drive?

We already know that natural disasters can happen, bringing floods and fires that can wipe out our hardware. But natural disasters aren’t the only threat. Ask anyone who has had a pipe burst over the weekend or an electrical fire that spread quickly—water and fire damage present some real challenges when it comes to recovering your important data. If your hardware is totally (or even partially) destroyed, this is the time to be thankful you stored your backups offsite. You did that, right? It’s

New Home Buyers Do Well to Include Scan for Thermal Bridging and Other Problems into Pre-Purchase Inspection | NASA Aerogel Technology

Are you purchasing a new home any time soon? Most homeowners-to-be already have plenty to think about when it comes too assessing the best home for their comfort, needs, and budget. It’s what they aren’t looking for, or don’t expect – energy leakage caused by thermal bridging, insufficient or defective insulation, moisture pooling within walls — that can cause real headaches (and budget aches) later. To avoid any unexpected problems, most buyers hire a home inspector to look the structure over