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Ghost written by Liz Ernst for Spencer Caldwell, Gentry Real Estate Group

Energy conservation tips for Phoenix summers

16 energy-saving tips that will make summer in Phoenix more manageable than you think! Whether you’re a long-time resident of Phoenix or recently relocated and settling into your first West Valley home, chances are you’re at least a bit apprehensive about the cost of keeping your home cool enough to be comfortable throughout the sweltering desert summer. Staying cool and comfortable during Arizona’s summer months is vital to your health, well-being, and will to live. So the best approach is to make energy efficiency a priority.
Written by Liz Ernst for Marcus & Millichamp

Self-Storage Development in the Wake of the 2016 Boom Bubble Burst

From 1994 to 2014, self-storage REITs (real estate investment trusts) delivered 18 percent annualized returns with lower volatility than their REIT counterparts. For more than a decade, new self-storage facility development nationwide was abundant, and there seemed to be no end in sight. In 2015, self-storage construction spending rose by 73.3 percent across the U.S. surpassing the billion-dollar mark for the first time since 2008.
Written by Liz Ernst for Gentry Real Estate Group

Arizona retirement: 9 reasons to consider the financial, health, and lifestyle benefits of spending your golden years in the Sunset State

Arizona has been a popular retirement destination for decades. Sun City, near Phoenix, was developed more than 50 years ago and marketed as the very first active adult community in the U.S. In addition to its mild winter climate that varies across various altitudes, world-class golf courses, and the Grand Canyon right at your back door, Arizona offers plenty of financial and health advantages that make sense for the baby boomer generation of golden-agers who’ve worked 30-45 years to relax and enjoy their place in the sun.
Written by Liz Ernst for Gentry Real Estate Group

Real estate investing: Real Estate Investing for novices: How to get started in residential real estate investing

Not everyone dreams of being a landlord, but investing in residential real estate can be a lucrative addition to an investment portfolio, and a great income stream generator in retirement. With an abundance of opportunities to enlist a competent property management team to deal with the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining rental properties, real estate has become a particularly alluring option for investors.
Written by Liz Ernst for Marcus & Millichamp


The impact of natural and man-made disasters isn't new to the self-storage industry. Through fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other catastrophic events, storage facilities are often inflicted with damage to property including units harboring tenant belongings. Facility managers must mobilize quickly on insurance procedures for business losses, communicate clearly with customers on the status of their property as well as operational issues, and skillfully handle messaging with the media.
Written by Liz Ernst for Marcus & Millichamp

House Bill 357 Update to Florida's Self-Storage Lien Law Passed

House Bill 357 (HB 357), an update to the state's self-storage lien law, was signed into law by Florida Gov. Rick Scott on June 9, 2017, enabling storage facility operators to issue late fees, conduct lien auctions online, place value limits on stored items, and have motor vehicles towed. HB 357 passed through the house and senate unanimously and went into effect on July 1.
Carbutti & Co. website: Ghostwritten written by Liz Ernst for Jonathan Carbutti

Great news from one of the biggest mortgage regulators–the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has announced plans to make it easier for small and rural banks to provide home loans. The change will take time, but the bureau’s news is the latest in technical adjustments that are slowly loosening the reins on a tight mortgage market.
Carbutti & Co. website: Written by Liz Ernst for Jonathan Carbutti

Tips for Shopping for Appliances, Lighting and Fixtures to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or simply replacing dated appliances, now is a great time to take advantage of some of the many price-busting post holiday sales! Shopping for appliances and fixtures like lighting, faucets, even a new sink can be fun and exciting at first, but can turn confusing and exhausting in no time. If you and your spouse or partner have different design ideas, attempts to find common ground can add friction to an already stressful task.

With 92 percent of Consumers Searching Online for Their Next Home, FSBO Comes of Age

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is all grown up. Thanks to some pretty powerful technology and an ever-growing population of tech savvy and informed consumers, the time to challenge the status quo has arrived. The flood gates opened significantly over the past two years, when consumer use of online real estate searches reached an all-time high of 92 percent (2014) and crested to 60 percent for mobile and tablet usage on weekends. This tipping point has major implications for agents, brokers, and their

Prepare Your House for the Sizzling Summer Sale Season

If you’re planning to sell your house for sale by owner (FSBO)-style and hope to capitalize on the sizzling summer selling season, now is the time to get busy. In summertime, 60 percent of all homes are bought and sold, so get in on the action by taking these six essential steps now to be ready to sell in June. 1. Pack up the clutter and depersonalize the space Clutter is not conducive to a successful home sale. Free up as much space in your home as possible to give homebuyers the best possibl

What Does it Really Take to Successfully Sell Your Home FSBO?

Selling your home for sale by owner (FSBO)-style—that is, without an agent, is not only entirely possible, it’s easier today than it was in the past. The benefits of a FSBO home sale include a potentially great cost savings, since you will save the cost of the real estate agent’s commission—the largest expense home sellers are saddled with. If you’re considering an FSBO sale of your own home, it’s important to prepare yourself for the task at hand, a worthwhile effort if you’d like to keep that

What’s Changed with Home Sellers’ Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent? Plenty!

Home sellers and buyers are losing faith in realtors, and the days of the real estate cartel monopoly are numbered. This outcome was hastened by automatic valuations, and whether you think these valuations are accurate or not, buyers and sellers love looking at them. Determining your home’s value without an agent has become easy, even in non-disclosure states—it just might take a few extra clicks and a bit of sleuthing on your part. Cracks in the real estate industry’s wall are rapidly surfacin

How Real Estate Tech is Killing The Commission

Less than three years ago, user-friendly online technology advances, aggregated information, and open-source platforms were just getting popular with consumers looking to buy and sell homes. Now it’s standard fare in the real estate industry. Realtors® want their annual surveys to reflect that MLS is still the more effective listing space. But what their numbers don’t reflect is how many homes in the MLS system are being sold with flat fee services or sellers completely opting out of the MLS sy

4 of the Real Estate Industry’s Biggest FSBO Myths, Countered by Facts

The real estate industry, particularly the National Association of Realtors (NAR), has earned a reputation for fact fabricating when it comes to the for sale by owner (FSBO) market. Here’s what that’s about. We’re all familiar with the statement “Don’t believe everything you read.” We all come across articles in newspapers and on the internet that we know simply aren’t true, with titles like “Kim Kardashian has Three Alien Babies,” “Golden Eagle Snatches Baby in Park,” or “Samsung pays Apple $1

Is Your Home-Selling Agent a Super Hero or Just Collecting Fees?

Is your home-selling agent a superhero? As a property owner or investor, are you prepared to hand over the job of selling your home to someone who may list it for less than it’s worth, or skimp on the time spent marketing your listing—or both? I asked myself that question—and others—as I read a recent blog by Jason Calacanis about a realtor-listed home that sold for 15 percent over the asking price. My first question: was the home really underpriced or was it in a hot market or popular neighbor

Leveraging Professional Quality Real Estate Photos to Market Your FSBO Home to Buyers

Taking professional real estate photos of your property has never been more important. Before the Internet became the main venue for advertising homes for sale, buyers were limited to a brief description of a home in the local newspaper to decide whether to look at a property. Today, buyers are busier than ever, and they turn to online listings with professional real estate photos to narrow down their list of “must sees.” Considering their time limits and the countless number of listings avail
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