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PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Ideagist 2.0 Launches: Online Community Collaboration Platform for Entrepreneurs

Bir Network announces the launch of 2.0, the latest version of the company’s community collaboration platform designed to help entrepreneurs develop their innovative ideas into viable products or services. Bir Network CEO Hassan Syed also announces plans to introduce the new IdeaGist 2.0 development platform to 100 metropolitan innovation ecosystems across the U.S. and internationally by the end of 2017.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Techcast Global

New TechCast AI Study Forecasts 20 Percent Job Loss by 2030, But Offset by New Opportunities

A pathbreaking new study released last week from TechCast Global, Inc. (TCG) titled, "AI and Future jobs in 2030” estimates that roughly 20 percent of all jobs will be lost to machines by 2030. But instead of the “doom and gloom” scenario of massive unemployment that some forecasters anticipate, the study’s authors say civilization will "muddle through" and replace jobs lost to automation with new fields of "creative" work—leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.— that will keep unemployme
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for ListingDoor Helps Democratize the Real Estate Industry by Challenging the MLS Monopoly

Veteran Houston realtor and for sale by owner (FSBO) proponent Sissy Lappin says that advanced technology has lead to open source platforms and aggregated information that is fast becoming standard fare in the real estate industry, a phenomenon that is weakening the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) grip on the industry. In a new blog on her website titled, “Democratizing Real Estate,” Lappin says that Realtors® continue to present abridged annual surveys implying that the
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Cyber Guardian

Cyber Guardian Consulting Group Launches New Cyber Security Firm Focused on Next Generation Malware Protection, in Kingston New York

The Cyber Guardian Consulting Group has announced the launch of its new, next-generation endpoint protection and cyber security firm and website in Kingston, New York. Cyber Guardian’s new offering focuses on the company’s state-of-the-art endpoint threat detection and response product that identifies unknown malware, detects zero-day threats, and prevents damage from targeted attacks in real-time. According to the 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study from the Ponemon Institute released Oct. 9, 2015,
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Ideagist Teams with CIC to Provide Critical Factors Assessment Tool for Entrepreneurs

IdeaGist is teaming up with Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC) to bring the Critical Factors Assessment (CFA) snapshot tool to IdeaGist members, gratis. All members will be able to access the CFA snapshot tool, beginning September 7, at no cost to their IdeaGist account online. The Critical Factors Assessment was developed by the CIC to help entrepreneurs assess a potential venture against different recognition factors that help predict success. The complimentary version of the CFA tool allows entrepreneurs to self-assess their enterprise against eight overall standard factors for market success.
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Ideagist Announces Launch of New App for Storing and Browsing Ideas for Startups, a subsidiary of Bir Network, has announced the launch of its new cloud app for Android devices, developed to provide efficient, mobile idea management based on the company’s first-of-its-kind virtual community platform. The app will provide users with a simple way to manage, store and browse entrepreneurial ideas no matter where they are.’s Android app will be released March 21, and the iOS app will be released on March 28. The app launch is the latest in
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Veristream

Veristream Announces Redesigned iVisitor App With New Logo, New Look and Feel

Veristream, a pioneer in electronic security, has announced the launch of its newly redesigned application including a new logo and updated look and feel. iVisitor is used by businesses and multi-tenant office buildings of all sizes to accelerate the visitor check-in and badging process, without sacrificing security. A cloud-based visitor management service, the iVisitor solution helps save users and businesses time and money. Veristream allows pre-registration for both visitors and employees,
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Ideagist

Ideagist Launches Contest to Gather Viable Ideas for Reducing Individual Carbon Footprint, has launched its first community competition, Ideagist Global 100 - 100 ways to Reduce our Carbon Footprint, to gather innovative ideas from individuals worldwide on lowering one’s carbon footprint. As the U.N. Climate Change Conference convened Dec. 12 with a history-making commitment from 200 countries to end the era of fossil fuels, many people are discovering ways to make their own contributions to limit the greenhouse gas emissions that escalate the earth’s warming trend to be
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Ideagist

Ideagist Reaches out to Universities to Offer its Virtual Community Software at No Cost, a first-of-its-kind platform, established to encourage and promote the development of innovative ideas, announces that it is reaching out to universities throughout the U.S. and worldwide to offer its community collaboration and network product at no cost. Ideagist hopes that its decision to extend its services to universities will help in generating more innovative ideas through the nation’s campuses. works with individuals, organizations, and those hoping to benefit
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Spark Analytics

Relaunch / name change: SmartStore Re-launches as Spark Analytics: New Name, New Website and New Analytic Solution

Total Media Deliveries: 3,330 • Media Pickups: 164 • Full Release Reads: 2,066 • SmartStore Business Intelligence Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based predictive and prescriptive analytic solutions for the retail and food service industries, has announced the company’s rebranding with a new name—Spark Analytics—a new website, a new look, and extensive product expansion/design updates. Six months in the making, the company’s rebranding efforts included a roster of significant changes that combine new leadership, new product vision, new customer success strategies, and
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