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Actress Bio - Liz Ernst, Freelance Writer, copywriter, journalist, Content Marketing Strategist

When actress./model Audrey Caruthers made the transition from owning the runway to commanding the stage, audiences were awed.  By the time she was scouted to model at age 16, Audrey had already spent 10 years immersedi In dance, classical voice, and theater performance lessons and had earned stage credentials with roles in a variety of touring company productions.

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Real Estate Broker Professional Bio

“Kaizen” is a Japanese term that literally means “change for the better” or “continuous improvement”. Kaizen is a daily philosophy and process that goes beyond improvement. No other term can better describe Jonathan Carbutti’s personal and business philosophy. People who know him will tell you that Jonathan brings a very unique perspective to real estate and provides a rare, magnanimous level of personal service. Jonathan defines himself as an educator first, and real estate broker second. He enjoys educating the consumer, buyers and sellers alike, and dispelling many of the “myths” of buying and selling. A successful real estate investor as well, Jonathan is able to offer practical and useful advice whether you are a first-time investor or seasoned pro.

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Plastic Surgeon Professional Bio

Alfredo Hoyos, M.D. is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who created high definition liposuction and other ground-breaking advanced body contouring techniques in plastic surgery. His specialties, in addition to plastic surgery, include aesthetic plastic surgery, maxofacial surgery, and hand surgery. As Chief Scientific Officer for Global Stem Cells Group, Dr Hoyos is a frequently featured speaker and representative of GSCG in Miami and Colombia.

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Attorney Professional Bio

Michael Waddington is a criminal defense attorney specializing in military law and the U.S. court martial system. In 2010, Mr. Waddington added a second title to his C.V.: founder and owner of, an online marketing and reputation management company, designed to assist other lawyers in creating an effective Internet identity that will build successful and profitable law practices.

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Technology Manager Bio

Ask Alan Pruitt what he “does,” and he’ll tell you, “It depends.” That’s because Pruitt wears more than one hat when he’s stoking the irons in his career fire at any given moment. Pruitt is currently the SaaS (software as a service) Implementation Manager at Insperity, Inc. NYSE: NSP), a Texas-based company that serves as an advisor to American businesses, providing a variety of human resource and business solutions designed to help improve business performance.

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Personal Chef Bio

Bringing the flavors and healthful benefits of organic foods and herbs into the lives of others is Sigret Ball’s passion. Since discovering her own gift for the culinary arts more than 20 years ago, Sigret has spent the better part of these past two decades exploring her education and career in the restaurant industry. At California’s San Bernardino Community College she was in her element in the school’s Culinary Arts program, learning about the health benefits of organic foods and adapting them to a whole-body wellness lifestyle that she shares with family and friends today.

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Biotech CEO Bio

Ricardo De Cubas, co-­‐Founder of Global Stem Cells Group, holds a unique position at the forefront of the fastest growing trend in medicine: stem cell technology. A results-­‐driven motivator with a firmly established history in medical sales team management, Mr. De Cubas has been instrumental in promoting physician training and patient procedure sales in excess of $2 million. With a database reflecting 20-­‐plus years of contacts worldwide, those who know him or have worked with him recognize the important role Mr. De Cubas serves when it comes to building and expanding an effective business team.