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Griffith Coaching and Consulting Launches Supervisory Leadership Development Training Website for Higher Education Professionals

Total Media Deliveries: 2,879 • Online Media Pickups: 243 • Full Release Reads: 3,544 • Debra Griffith, Ed.D, a leading provider of professional training for higher education professionals, universities, and student success programs, announces the launch of her new website, (GC&C). Griffith’s results-oriented, hands-on coaching activities are designed to engage, equip and empower higher education professionals and programs. GC&C provides one-on-one coaching to college and university professionals at all levels. Through coaching, participants will lea

Read Article Launches New App Delivering Fresh, Continuous News Content has announced the launch of its new mobile device app, bringing all the same innovative custom features that website news readers have come to love, to Android, iPhone and iPad mobile devices. developers designed the app to engage busy individuals who want to become better informed about their world by making current news available quickly, conveniently, and on the fly. The app taps thousands of quality news sources worldwide to deliver breaking news on a broad range o

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Motion Graphics Studio Leftchannel Unveils Sophisticated Character Animation at Columbus Nationwide Childrens Hospital

The artistry of motion graphics studio leftchannel came alive Wednesday when Columbus’ Nationwide Children’s Hospital opened its doors for the first time since completion of a $450 million expansion and environmental installation, seven years in the making. In October, 2011, leftchannel overshadowed six other design firms bidding for the coveted job of translating static graphics to elegant, organic and sophisticated motion graphics in the Hospital’s “magic forest” and two entry corridors. Unde

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"TIME" Magazine Contributor, Journalist Jens Erik Gould, Presents "Bravery Tapes", an Online Short Documentary Series Highlighting Individual Portraits of Human Courage

As a journalist, Jens Erik Gould has covered some of the world’s most harrowing social, political and economic issues and documented their impacts on ordinary human beings. As a singer-songwriter, Gould uses music to share stories and generate social change. His latest project, "Bravery Tapes," is a short documentary web series that brings online video audiences up close and personal with stories of extraordinary courage and perseverance demonstrated by ordinary individuals in the face of advers

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Choosing Between a Business Coach and EOS Implementer to Help With Growth and Performance Issues

Growth of the business coaching industry has reached explosive proportions, generating between $3 billion and $4 billion annually. Choosing the right business or executive coach requires some knowledge of what services these professionals offer and how they deliver them. According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, the reasons companies engage business and executive coaches today are different than they were just 10 years ago, when most companies engaged a coach to help correct

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Small Business Owners Enlist Business Coaches Early to Maximize Startup Potential

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), Americans launch approximately 543,000 new businesses each month. Seven out of 10 new small businesses, survive for the first two years, about 50 percent survive five years, a third will survive at least 10 years and 25 percent stay in business for 15 years or longer. Although there is no magic bullet to ensure a small business owner can survive and thrive over the long term, those who do succeed have some startup strategies in common.

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Interconnected Lives Launches Website for Examining and Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships

Total Media Deliveries: 3,950 • Online Media Pickups: 163 • Full Release Reads: 1,009 • Interconnected Lives announces the launch of its new website, an online magazine-style blog and forum site, offering insight, inspiration and practical advice on a plethora of challenges that people face daily in their interpersonal relationships. The site is presented in an online magazine style and features two types of articles: those that offer advice, and experience-based pieces from the lives of real people. All articles are written by Interconnected Lives’ talented staff writers, who con

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Fan Experience Institute™ Introduces Online Webinar Classes to Help Create First-Class Fan Experience

The Fan Experience Institute™ founder Ruby Newell-Legner has announced a series of online webinars dedicated to teaching her revolutionary strategies for boosting the in-venue fan and employee experience. The four-part webinar classes, set to begin June 13th, are intended to help teams and venues find new and innovative ways to promote loyalty, retention and engagement among fans and employees. Newell-Ledger believes that great customer service begins with giving employees the skills they need