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written by Liz Ernst

Written by Liz Ernst for Naples Daily News

Sand yields tiny turtles on area beaches

The trail of tiny tracks leading from an abandoned nest was the only sign left at daybreak Monday of the first batch of turtle hatchlings on Bonita Beach this season. The liberation of some 121 baby loggerheads into the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday night marked the beginning of what could be the most successful turtle nesting season on Bonita Beach since the volunteers began monitoring the threatened creatures' nests seven years ago.
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Teen Obesity: A Generation of Youths Set up for a Lifetime of Weight-related Health Problems

Today’s teens and young adults have a relationship with food unlike that of any previous generation, and many are questioning the modern food industry and its role in rising obesity rates among American’s young people. In fact, The Journal of the American Medical Association states that more than 30-percent of children in the U.S. are overweight, and today’s teens and young adults comprise the first generation of American children who will spend their lifetime battling weight, dealing with weight-related illness and facing a shorter lifespan than their parents.
Written by Liz Ernst for Living Vegan Magazine


Unfortunately, too many people eat a standard American diet, which is high in acidic foods. Acidic buildup in the body interferes with healthy circulation and cell regeneration, and it is why so many Americans have come to accept being sluggish, overweight, and prone to illness and depression. Through their diets many individuals are simply surviving with a pH balance that is not acidic enough to trigger serious health issues, but enough to cause a build-up of toxins that prevents them from realizing how energetic and healthy their body is meant to feel.
Written by Liz Ernst for Vail Valley Dental Care

Getting Children an Early Start With Excellent Home Care and Regular Dental Visits Equals a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth and Smiles

There has never been a better time for children in America when it comes to finding excellent dental care. Today’s parents can easily arm themselves with all the tools and information they need to establish and maintain good oral hygiene habits in their children, beginning even before the very first tooth peeks through baby’s gums.
Written by Liz Ernst for The English Garden

Avoiding the pitfalls of transplanting roses

Whether you’re trying to position them for better sun exposure, or moving across town and taking your beloved blooms with you, transplanting roses is a tricky undertaking. Without careful planning and a willingness to adhere to some very specific tips, your roses run the risk of not surviving the transfer. Before you begin pulling up root balls, prepare yourself for the task at hand with some expert gardening advice on transplanting roses.
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