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PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Launches First-of-its-kind Top 40 Hotels Guide for Time-pressed Travelers

As summer gets underway, travelers are scouring the internet for a getaway location that will make their vacation memorable. To simplify trip planning, has launched a first-of-its-kind website designed to provide a short list of 40 top-rated, centrally-located and unique hotels in five of the country’s leading destination cities—New York, San Francisco, Miami, Washington D.C. and Chicago—to make travel planning uncomplicated and enjoyable. does the heavy lifting for time-pressed trip planners who, according to a report by Expedia Media Solutions titled, “The Traveler’s Path to Purchase,” can visit an average of 38 websites when researching an upcoming trip. The UH website employs proprietary methodologies to rank and deliver the top 40 hotels in a range of price points in each location, so travelers aren’t left to needlessly weed through hundreds of options.
PRweb: Written by Liz Ernst for Ideagist 2.0 Launches: Online Community Collaboration Platform for Entrepreneurs

Bir Network announces the launch of 2.0, the latest version of the company’s community collaboration platform designed to help entrepreneurs develop their innovative ideas into viable products or services. Bir Network CEO Hassan Syed also announces plans to introduce the new IdeaGist 2.0 development platform to 100 metropolitan innovation ecosystems across the U.S. and internationally by the end of 2017.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for

Through Online Technology, the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Industry Comes of Age

ListingDoor founder Sissy Lappin has released a new blog titled, “With 92 percent of Consumers Searching Online for Their Next Home, FSBO Comes of Age.” The blog is an analysis of the For Sale By Owner movement’s rapid growth spurt in recent years, prompted by the development of powerful online technology and marketing tools that place home sale authority in the hands of homeowners who choose not to pay a real estate agent fee.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Miami Financial Planner Michael Ladin

New Blog from Miami Retirement Planner Michael Ladin Spells Out Social Security Changes to Expect in 2017

Social Security beneficiaries will see a slight increase of 0.3 percent—about $5 monthly—in their Social Security payments in 2017. A new blog from Miami, Florida retirement planner Michael Ladin titled, “6 Social Security Changes that are coming in 2017,” breaks down the most notable changes that will affect Baby Boomers and retirees. Ladin focuses on six changes that he says will most affect beneficiaries, particularly the cap increase on the amount of workers’ earnings that will be subject to Social Security taxes in 2017.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Techcast Global

New TechCast AI Study Forecasts 20 Percent Job Loss by 2030, But Offset by New Opportunities

A pathbreaking new study released last week from TechCast Global, Inc. (TCG) titled, "AI and Future jobs in 2030” estimates that roughly 20 percent of all jobs will be lost to machines by 2030. But instead of the “doom and gloom” scenario of massive unemployment that some forecasters anticipate, the study’s authors say civilization will "muddle through" and replace jobs lost to automation with new fields of "creative" work—leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.— that will keep unemployme
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Jeremy Keating and Capital Income Advisors

New Blog by Retirement Advisor Jeremy Keating Targets Common Retirement Planning Mistakes

San Diego financial advisor Jeremy Keating of Capital Income Advisors( CIA) released a new blog titled, "Five Common Retirement Planning Mistakes You Don't Want to Make," focusing on common mistakes people make in their preparation for retirement, and offering common-sense tips to avoid making them. As the largest generation of retirees in U.S. history streams into retirement, they enter their golden years with uncertainties and challenges that no previous generation of retirees have faced. Most notably, baby boomers are the first generation to self-fund their retirement, after traditional corporate pensions were phased out in the late 1970s and replaced with employer-sponsored 401(k) savings plans.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Miami Financial Planner Michael Ladin

Miami Retirement Planner Michael Ladin Talks Life Insurance Strategies for Retirees in New Blog

Retirees can utilize life insurance to benefit themselves and their families in a variety of ways, according to Miami, Florida-based retirement planner Michael Ladin of Ladin Financial Group. In a new blog titled, “Life Insurance Strategies That Can Benefit Retirees,” Ladin discusses life insurance and the role it plays in providing a financial upper hand in retirement, as well as protecting heirs from losing inheritance money to taxes.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Rolek Retirement Strategies

Rolek Retirement Strategies Presents Retirement Planning Course at LaSalle University

Kyle Rolek CFP® of Rolek Retirement Strategies will be instructing “Retirement Planning Today,” an adult learning program and workshop to be scheduled at a variety of colleges in the Philadelphia area. The first program will be held in November at LaSalle University’s Bucks County Center in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Retirement planning in today’s economic environment poses challenges that most aging Americans don’t foresee. Through this formal adult learning program, Rolek—a certified financial planner—brings his expertise in retirement planning into the classroom to help re-retirees and newly retired individuals empower themselves to make informed decisions regarding their financial future.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Sourcing for Services

Sourcing for Services Launches Independent Contractor Compliance Advisory Division SFS Compliance Solutions

Sourcing for Services announces the launch of sister company SFS Compliance Solutions, LLC, in response to the increasingly complex legal risk environment of employee classifications, and the continued demand from customers and partners for conflict-free independent and objective contractor compliance and risk management services. Independent contractors, frequently referred to as IC’s or freelancers, represent a growing part of contingent workforces that companies increasingly rely upon to meet production goals.
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