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PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Financial Advisor Jeremy Keating and Capital Income Advisors

Estate Planning is Critical to Everyone, Not Just the 1 percent, According to New Blog from San Diego Retirement Planner Jeremy Keaton of Capital Income Advisors

In the latest chapter of his “The Retirement Formula: The Retiree’s Guide to What You Don’t Know” retirement advisory series, San Diego financial advisor Jeremy Keating of Capital Income Advisors(CIA) offers straight talk on estate planning strategies for all retirees—not just the 1 percent. Keating discusses the chapter in a new blog titled,"Estate Planning is not just for the very wealthy."
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Miami Retirement Planner Michael Ladin

Retirement Financial Advisor Michael Ladin Announces Personalized Retirement Plan Options for Baby Boomers

Ladin Financial Group has announced that it has adapted its boutique financial advisory services to meet the growing demand for non- traditional, more personalized service and product options to help clients plan for retirement. Recognizing the unique challenges today’s retirees face, Ladin Financial Group President Michael Ladin says he has adopted more creative investment, insurance and savings options to provide customized retirement planning at a time retirees need it most.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Miami Financial Planner Michael Ladin

Miami Retirement Planner Michael Ladin Talks Life Insurance Strategies for Retirees in New Blog

Retirees can utilize life insurance to benefit themselves and their families in a variety of ways, according to Miami, Florida-based retirement planner Michael Ladin of Ladin Financial Group. In a new blog titled, “Life Insurance Strategies That Can Benefit Retirees,” Ladin discusses life insurance and the role it plays in providing a financial upper hand in retirement, as well as protecting heirs from losing inheritance money to taxes.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Rolek Retirement Strategies

Rolek Retirement Strategies Presents Retirement Planning Course at LaSalle University

Kyle Rolek CFP® of Rolek Retirement Strategies will be instructing “Retirement Planning Today,” an adult learning program and workshop to be scheduled at a variety of colleges in the Philadelphia area. The first program will be held in November at LaSalle University’s Bucks County Center in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Retirement planning in today’s economic environment poses challenges that most aging Americans don’t foresee. Through this formal adult learning program, Rolek—a certified financial planner—brings his expertise in retirement planning into the classroom to help re-retirees and newly retired individuals empower themselves to make informed decisions regarding their financial future.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Financial Advisor Stewart Fields

New Blog from LPAG’s Stewart Fields Advocates Behavioral Finance Strategies for Retirees

The concepts of behavioral finance are fast becoming fundamental in a variety of professional and corporate environments, including retirement planning. The psychology of decision-making—what motivates people to make decisions, both good and bad—is the subject of a new blog from Lake Point Advisory Group’s Stewart Fields, a retirement and wealth management advisor who focuses on the long-term financial needs of retirees.
PRweb:Written by liz ernst for Miami Retirement Planner Michael Ladin

New Blog from Miami Retirement Advisor Michael Ladin Examines the “401(k) Generation” Volatility Threat

America’s retiring Baby Boomers have begun withdrawing their nest egg cash from tax-deferred retirement savings plans like 401(k)s and IRAs at a rate that exceeds incoming contributions. This epic about-face after decades of steady expansion among retirement savings plan coffers should surprise no one; retirement was inevitable for America’s 76 million aging Boomers.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Chicago Financial Planner Dustin Javier

Dustin Javier, Certified Financial Planner, Announces Financial Services Focused on Chicago’s Filipino Community and its Unique Needs

Certified Financial Planner Dustin Javier, owner of Dean Johnson Advisory, LLC in Downers Grove, IL, announces financial and retirement planning services designed specifically for Chicago’s distinct Filipino population. Dean Johnson Advisory is the first financial consulting firm to focus on educating and empowering the Chicago-area Pinoy community by assisting families with retirement strategies, college planning and investing for financial growth.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for financial advisory firm Retirewell

RetireWell’s Fiscal House Retirement Plan Strategy Opens to the Public

Financial Advisor and partner Travis Wolfe of RetireWell announces the launch of its Fiscal House Retirement Plan (FHRP), a portfolio construction blueprint to establish a comprehensive retirement plan that can endure the volatility of changing market climates. FHRP incorporates every element of the individual’s financial picture to focus on a customized retirement plan that fits their specific needs. The goal is to produce customized financial strategies that can help Baby Boomers and retirees
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Wealth Management Advisor David Maxwell of

Wealth Management Advisor David Maxwell Speaks to Seniors About the “Baby Boomer 401(k) Generation” Volatility Threat

Retiring Baby Boomers are set to withdraw their nest eggs from tax-deferred retirement savings plans like 401(k)s and IRAs at a rate that exceeds new contributions to the plans, after decades of expansion. This shift—from the $14 trillion in growth these plans cultivated over the past 40-50 years, to their recent stasis and decline caused by sudden and substantial outflow and sluggish inflow—could foreshadow future volatility, and turn the U.S. retirement industry upside down. The government stands to collect more than $2 trillion in federal tax dollars from these withdrawals, even if the money comes out at the relatively low marginal income tax rate of 15 percent.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Wealth Management Advisor Jeremy Keating

Retirement Advisor Jeremy Keating Reviews the Role of Insurance in Retirement Planning

In the latest chapter of his “The Retirement Formula: The Retiree’s Guide to What You Don’t Know” retirement advisory series, San Diego financial advisor Jeremy Keating of Capital Income Advisors (CIA) discusses the  important role insurance plays in retirement planning. In the retirement planning process, considering contingencies that can derail a retirement plan, either before, during, or after retirement, is critical to protecting one’s nest egg. Contingencies can include underperforming investments; an employer’s bankruptcy reducing an anticipated pension benefit; divorce; unemployment; medical expenses not fully covered by insurance; disability; the need for long-term care, or the death of a spouse.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Wealth Management Advisor Aaron Boyce

Wealth Management Advisor Aaron Boyce Helps Investors Navigate Election Year Volatility

Lake Point Advisory Group Wealth Management Advisor Aaron Boyce says pre-retirees and retirees are already worried out about outliving their nest egg savings, and fears about election year market volatility aren’t helping matters. In a recent blog Boyce published titled, “3 Steps to Helping Pre-retirees and Retirees Achieve Financial Peace of Mind Despite Election Year Volatility,” he looks at historical patterns in election year volatility and offers practical strategies for investors to stay above the fray.
PRweb: Written by liz ernst for Finanacial Advisor Jonathan Lawton and Lake Point Advisory Group

Shift from Growth to Income in Retirement is the Focus of New Lake Point Advisory Group Radio Program

Financial Advisor Jonathan Lawton of Lake Point Advisory Group announces the launch of the Rockwall, Texas-based firm’s new radio program, “Wealth Smart” on 660-AM The Answer, airing Sunday mornings from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. The goal of the program is to reach out to the greater North Texas pre-retiree and retiree community weekly to provide information on strategies to achieve financial security and enjoy retirement comfortably. Making sure one never runs out of money during retirement can be a challenge. In the past, one simple solution was to buy an annuity that would pay a stream of income for the rest of one’s life, but Lawton says that annuities are only one component of the big picture. Creating a portfolio that shifts from growth to income at this stage of life is the goal, and that requires building an income-driven portfolio by leveraging asset classes that generate income for lifelong financial security.
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