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What to Ask Your Doctor About Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatments and Potential Side Effects

Most men who are suffering from advanced prostate cancer experience side effects that can be the result of their illness or the result of certain treatments used to slow the spread of the cancer. Prostate cancer begins with a tumor developing in the prostate gland. If the cancer spreads outside of the prostate gland to the lymph nodes, bones, or other areas, it is called advanced or metastatic prostate cancer.  Although there are no current treatments to cure advanced prostate cancer, there are
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Gordie Howe's stem cells treatments Support a Growing Appeal for

In October, 2014, legendary hockey player Gordie Howe, then 86, was on death’s door after suffering a debilitating acute hemorrhagic, left thalamus stroke. Upon returning home from the hospital, Howe needed someone to lift him from his bed to a wheelchair and back. He couldn’t remember the names of his four children, Marty, Mark, Cathy, and Murray, and his condition continued to grow worse in subsequent weeks. This article can also be viewed on the Global Stem Cells Group website: http://www.stemcellsgroup.com/gordie-howes-stem-cell-treatments-support-growing-appeal-therapies-among-athletes-baby-boomers/
written by Liz Ernst for South Florida Medical Research: Miami Clinical Trials

Dispelling the Myths and Misconceptions of Clinical Trials can Help Speed the Path to New and Promising Disease Treatments

It might surprise you to know that while 94 percent of Americans recognize the importance of clinical trial research to advance medical science, a mere 25 percent of the population say they understand how clinical trials work, or how to participate in one. The need to raise awareness of the importance of clinical trials has never been greater. Today’s standards of medical treatments are developing and improving thanks primarily to clinical trials and the people who volunteer to participate in
written by Liz Ernst for South Florida Medical Research: Miami Clinical Trials

Study Finds That Short Walks May Lower Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes In Older People

A new study from the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS) finds that older adults who take short walks after meals may be contributing to lowering their risk of type 2 diabetes by helping to reduce the elevations in blood sugar that occur after filling the stomach with food. Researchers, who caution that the results still need to be confirmed by trials in larger groups, suggest three short bouts of exercise a day are more likely to help older people
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(Almost) everything you wanted to know about stem cells

Stem cells have captured the interest of biology nerds, armchair practitioners and everyday individuals for years. Where exactly do they come from and how do they work? When can I have my torn rotary cuff/bum knee /arthritis /(fill in the blank) treated with stem cells? At Global Stem Cells Group, we are making stem cell treatments for a variety of medical conditions available in the physician’s office and out-patient treatment clinics worldwide, and we’re aiming to make them readily available in the U.S. soon, so hang tight.
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Aging Gracefully is Do-able When You Understand What’s Happening, and What to do

You’re already aware that as you age, your face will show wrinkles in the skin, your hair will turn gray, and gravity might get a bit aggressive. But are you aware of how aging will affect your teeth, your bones and muscle, your digestive system? Here are some of the changes you can expect as your body gets older, and some good advice on preserving health at any age.
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Coping With and Overcoming Infertility

For a couple planning to begin or add to their family, coming up without a desired pregnancy month after month can be confusing, especially when they’re young, healthy, and have no obvious conditions preventing conception. Confusion can turn to despair when months turn to years and still no pregnancy occurs. One thing we do know about infertility is that it can be caused by a wide range of physical and emotional factors. It can also be a due to a physical problem with the man, the woman, or both
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Urinary Tract Infections: One of the Most Common Infections Among Older Adults

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are not just uncomfortable and troublesome, they are one of the most common infectious problems among older adults. Experts estimate that 25 to 30 percent of all infections in older adults are UTIs. Aging adults have a heightened vulnerability to urinary tract infections because they are prone to problems that set people up for this kind of infection. Bacterial growing in the urine within the bladder is the basic culprit behind urinary tract infections.
written by Liz Ernst for South Florida Medical Research: Miami Clinical Trials

Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Peyronie’s disease, which effects mostly middle-aged men, is caused by scar tissue (plaque) which forms along the length of the penis in the corpora Cavernos. The Corpora Cavernosa consists of three expandable erectile tissues that run along the length of the penis and fill with blood during an erection. The plaque is not visible, and depending on the severity of the condition, the plaque can cause the penis to bend, making sexual intercourse difficult and occasionally painful.
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