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Ideagist Blog: Written by Liz Ernst for Ideagist and Bir Vebtures

Marketing Strategies for Startup Success in 2017

A recent article in Forbes[1] about marketing trends that startups need to know about in 2017 is actually not about trends. In fact, it’s about anything but trends, which are never guaranteed. Instead, to mitigate susceptibility to market volatility, startups need to plan their marketing strategies around transience. That’s right—The best way to plan for something we don’t know is to plan for something we know. In a nutshell, consumers’ intellectual structure is hardwired, and has been for mil
Ideagist Blog: Written by liz ernst for Ideagist and Bir Ventures

Reinventing the wheel: Innovation Breathes New Life into Old Things

A client called me the other day and began telling me about an existing business he recently purchased. The company is well-known nationally and internationally and has had its had ups and downs. As he told me about the business and his plans for its rejuvenation, I sensed he is second-guessing his decision already, having given some after-the-fact thought to purchasing the organization’s reputation (both good and bad) along with its online presence and brick and mortar. To summarize, he boiled
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Virtual augmented reality in architectural design and construction

It shouldn’t be surprising that virtual and augmented reality seem like ideas sprouted from the imaginations of adolescents, whose earliest influencers were probably books and movies. In fact, the earliest references to the concept of virtual reality came from science fiction writer Stanley G. Weinbaum, whose 1935 short story “Pygmalion’s Spectacles” includes a virtual reality system in which goggles are employed, as well as a holographic recording of fictional experiences, including smell and t
Ideagist Blog: Written by liz ernst for Ideagist

Innovation: 7 principles to ignite a culture on innovators

I came across an article in TechCrunch last night, written by Alex Goryachev, senior director of Innovation Strategy and Programs at Cisco.  I couldn’t put it down and actually read it through twice. Goryachev knows innovation, having spent 20 years creating inspired organizations where innovation is allowed to flourish he says, and turning disruptive concepts into emerging business models. Goryachev’s experience and understanding of the influencers shaping entrepreneurship and innovation in to
Ideagist Blog: Written by liz ernst for Ideagist and Bir Ventures

Where is Digital Innovation Taking us in 2017 and Beyond?

This week’s blog is based on a recent article from IT Business Edge offering a detailed overview of what’s in store for digital innovation over the next 5 – 6 years. Brace yourselves, the findings are mind-boggling, awe-inspiring and a little bit intimidating. The article, titled “2017 and Beyond: How Digital Innovation Will Impact the World,” shows us just how far technological advances are about to impact our everyday lives in measurable ways.